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    All of my feelings wrapped up in just a few pictures =)


    "Feelings~" was Posted On: June 27, 2011 @Monday, June 27, 2011 | 0 lovely comments

    Relationships, their kinda tough sometimes cuz one moment your both like:

    Then the next you both are like:

    The sadness you feel is like:

    The feeling when you make up:

    After the hard times this is what you will learn from it:

    Conclusion: This is just for pure fun purposes XD 

    P.S: Mum and dad are not happy with my results... And so am I *sobs*

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    "" was Posted On: June 26, 2011 @Sunday, June 26, 2011 | 0 lovely comments
    Straits Quay

     Last time maybe around April when I was going through my Lent fasting (where I was away from facebook, blogger, basically the whole internet) I went to visit this new shopping mall thats still under construction called Straits Quay or something along that lines since I forgot some details, and I gotta say, that place has the potential to be the next Gurney Plaza, depending on how many cool stores open there to satiate Penang's younger generations ever evolving need for all things cool and new... Including me XD

    The pictures aren't much cuz one thing, not much pretty pictures to take unless you consider buildings under construction really pretty (architecture protege, just kidding) and my camera was giving me problems, again. So was my phone and other electronic devices... Seriously, the only thing that works is my Walkman and that too is quite old de (1 year from 20th June, I can't believe I've had Meckie for that long de =')) Gotta love that little Walkman =)


    I don't care what anyone says bout you and me, its my choice and I chose you so they really can't say much... Plus I think I must have did something really epic last time for karma to come back around and give me something so special, you. =)

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    "Straits Quay" was Posted On: June 25, 2011 @Saturday, June 25, 2011 | 0 lovely comments
    End Of The Week

     Finally! Its Friday, can't tell how much I really want a break =) This week was quite uneventful cuz
    1)Sukantara, but actually met new people
    2)I get yelled at for every single thing I do whether its right or wrong and;
    3) I am so sick and tired of that bitch and her gang like honestly, can you do the world a favour and   drop dead you lesbian bitch... Swt, always causing problems for me just cause you can't open your stupid eyes to see that you have no real friends at all and they are all using you in some way or another and you take that as a reason to prove that you are better than me? Trust me, you haven't seen yourself in the mirror... You are wayy far from perfect cuz you are bitchy, a boastful twit and a total arse. GO GET A LIFE!

    I honestly feel like doing that to that psycho bitch.

    But that again:

    Bitch, you just ain't worth it to get mad about... You and your little shallow minded posse can just go the fcuk of in another direction and leave me alone... Trust me, I am stuck with you, okay and if it were up to me,  I wish you could just move to another school so that I won't have to see your stinking face ever again. You and all your blonde friends =)
    Change of mood... I actually can't believe that I would be this mean to someone and let myself stoop down on their level, I mean come on, the whole world is already filled with enough bitches, why do I need to contribute to the ever growing number?
    Well, guess thats it, you won't be missed, even if you happen to fall down into a hole while it was open  for hell than I wish you sayonara =)

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    "End Of The Week" was Posted On: June 24, 2011 @Friday, June 24, 2011 | 0 lovely comments
    Mixed Feelings

     I dunno why, but today I feel really, really sad. Like I pretend to be happy for no apparent reason and fake a smile most of the time... Its honestly like trying to hold back the sea. I seriously need a holiday to a seaside, its like I'm yearning for a chance to stand by edge of the water and absorbing the sunshine and peaceful serenity. Well, that is just a daydream.
     But today was totally fun, had lots of laughs with friends while we were playing truth or dare. The game consisted of dirty jokes (WHAT? We are 15 anyway XD), one of my guy friends going down on one knee to propose to my friend (random huh?) and lots of more dirty and gay moves... One of my friends was even dared to hug me in a romantic embrace and she was a girl... If it was someone else *wink and a knowing smile* then I would have oblige but... Nevermind, still had tons of fun =)
     This whole week we have the sukantara where we basically run around embaressing ourselves and trying so hard not to fall down... But another day and it will all be over =D

    Told you the vid was out and the boys look like angels <3
    But this video is slightly mirrored.. Okay, totally mirrored but they still look awesome =D

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    "Mixed Feelings" was Posted On: June 22, 2011 @Wednesday, June 22, 2011 | 0 lovely comments
    Birthday Wish

     Yup, today's my special day, not much, but still meaningful =) And it was kinda like the second best birthday ever =) And I do kinda feel old... Must be the mood of today. Well, it was kinda sweet, got a card from a special someone and a homemade hand craft from my close friend plus a few wishes here and there, was mostly happy throughout the whole day =D
    I still couldn't get my Benefit Finding Mr. Bright because they don't have Benefit in Sasa, and you call yourself Malaysia's leading beauty store. Well, I really hope to find it in Gurney, I heard there's a Benefit counter there. I didn't really celebrate that much today, just tandoori dinner but yesterday was the real celebration... Lunch in Nando's and the Portugese Bolo bread with garlic butter was off the hook! I have never tasted anything like that before so now I officially love Nando's =D
     Well, at least I got to spend it with my family and friends... I am truly blessed =')

    Yeah, I know.

    Just wanna end this post with a song dedicated to a very special person in my life:

    And thats why I smile,
    Its been a while since everyday and everything has felt this right,
    And now, you turn it all around and suddenly your all I need,
    The reason why, I smile ♥

    OMG! OMG! I cannot believe it!! Third best birthday gift ever!! Big Time Rush's "Worldwide" is out!!
    And on today too!!!!
    But darn it, can't watch cuz embed was disabled by request XP
    Oh well, boy I'll be thinking about you worldwide ♥

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    "Birthday Wish" was Posted On: June 20, 2011 @Monday, June 20, 2011 | 0 lovely comments
    New Life, New Blogskin

     I just realised something, my old blog carried too much memories that I didn't like, so I decided to change it and voila! A whole brand new blogskin, it looks awesome =D I wonder how some people can design this type of template... Makes me wonder...
     2 more days till my birthday, I guess it would be a quiet celebration this year since I don't even know what to ask my parents for... I was thinking of a HTC Wildfire (my favourite phone) but then realised it was too expensive *makes a face*. So I guess I'll settle for Benefit's Finding Mr. Bright makeup kit since I fell in love with it last year but didn't have a reason to buy it... And its only RM 150.00... Not that expensive.

    Ha, I'm getting older and older by each passing year and next years sweet 16, my 17th would enable me to drive a car and by the 18th... I'll be out of that hell hole!! Okay, kidding bout the last part but it made me see that growing older does have its perks =D
    I Benefits Finding Mr. Bright.

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    "New Life, New Blogskin" was Posted On: June 18, 2011 @Saturday, June 18, 2011 | 0 lovely comments

     People. Not just any stereotype of people. Mean people. You see them everywhere, near the bus stop , on the road, in the mall, your social group etc, etc. They live in everyone; your parents, your teachers, your best friend... Literally, everyone. But now I find backstabbers and people who assume too much annoys me to no end.
    I kinda feel like this:


    Hypothetically, lets say that your in a relationship. You miss your friends birthday party, ASSUME: your hanging out with your boyfriend; you flunked History, ASSUME: your boyfriend is too blame cuz you concentrate more on him than History and much, much more examples. At least the concept is clearly written right there.See how much assuming is really annoying? I guess that is, hypothetically, a down side of being in a relationship. Your two halves of a whole, anything bad happens to either of you, the other is partially to blame and gets funny stares.
      Well, I guess, one things sure, hypothetically, the ups definitely outweigh the downs ;)
    P.S: Facebook is now getting boring XP

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    "Rant" was Posted On: June 17, 2011 @Friday, June 17, 2011 | 0 lovely comments
    Haru Haru

    I completely fell in love with this song... Its talking bout how this girl who is suffering from leukemia and only has bout a few days to leave, so she cheats on her boyfriend with his bestfriend to make him fall out of love with her but the other friend found out and told the boyfriend and... It was too late... She dies ='(
    The most sad part was that the bestfriend whom the girl cheated with, told the best friend "I'm sorry, I lied, she really loves you so much" but, yeah well, it was too late... And now I'm crying after listening to this song XP
    Homeworks halway done! ~

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    "Haru Haru" was Posted On: June 15, 2011 @Wednesday, June 15, 2011 | 0 lovely comments

      Yep, not even 14 hours in school and already buried in homework, classes, extra classes and more crap. Ugh, feeling so damn not chilled out... I'm missing school holidays now more than ever, ah, all those sweet memories ♥ 

    Haha, I like hugs now, seriously, I do and I used to be such a touch-me-not last time =D 

    I felt like doing this when I found out how much homework I have, 1 chapter of Science Notes, two chapters of exercises, 16 pages of exercise in Process Skill, Sivik Folio complete and what not weird torture methods the evil forces:

    will come up with =/ Seriously. Coupled up with studying and lifes small doses of unwanted drama. But to admit it, without problems life would be incomplete, to think about it. We would have no problems at all to solve and what is the purpose of living anyway for a human if there is nothing to fix?
    But anyway, went back to school and heard all of my friends weird, romantic, all boys sleepover (really random activity huh? (o.o) and rants bout how much homework they have. 
    It feels good to be back anyways =)

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    "Busy..." was Posted On: June 14, 2011 @Tuesday, June 14, 2011 | 0 lovely comments
    Just waiting~

    Love her shoes so much. Wish I could go shopping but to bad I'm kinda broke.... Just my lucky day I guess.

    I'm sitting here, by the telephone, looking like a fool, waiting for a chance to hear your voice~

     My inspiration? For songs is always Within Temptation or Taylor Swift, for life, something else... Funny, ever since meeting you, "I found myself writing more lovey dovey songs and surprisingly, their coming out nicely *wide eyes* Normally they either come out either too mushy or really, really emo. Pfft, some love song *rolls eyes*. Hehe, I think what I'm doing right now could be classified as ranting....
    Holiday is almost finishing and I wish that I could have another week where I could do something new or try something unheard of.... Like black squid ink ice cream. It may sound weird but I heard that it really is very tasty o.o 

    Haha, today really was the best day ever.... Had a lot of fun with erm... A certain someone... Hehe. Went to watch Kung Fu Panda 2, and to tell you the truth, it was nice, like seriously nice. And in this movie, Tigress isn't so scary anymore. In fact *spoilers alert* she even hugged Po after he confessed that he couldn't take down Lord Shen because he kept on having visions of his dead parents. It was seriously sweet... Speaking of sweet, for lunch only had popcorn and ice cream only... But nevermind ,I was high anyway ;)


    I still can't over the flash back scene, where Po finds out who he really is... And Mr Pings' story when he tells Po that he is adopted and the memories that follow =) That panda was really cute when he was younger XD

    Listened to Big Time Rush album and I gotta say, its awesome, maybe cuz I love those boys anyway =)

    Just want to say, thank you for everything love, you truly are the best =D 

    ~Really random... P.S: Best. Day. Ever! =D

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    "Just waiting~" was Posted On: June 12, 2011 @Sunday, June 12, 2011 | 0 lovely comments
    Big Time Crush ♥

     Yeah, I do kinda have a big time crush.... On this photo of the boys =)

    Special sneak peak of Big Time Rush's new music video "Worldwide". No idea on when they are gonna release it but I sure hope its about... Now. I'm so impatient to see how the video will turn out as 'Worldwide' is one of my fave songs =) P.S: Logan looks like an angel... My sweet, celebrity, 5'6 angel who doesn't even know I exist... Well, at least BTR said they did appreciate all of their fans... I think. Anyway, will seat here continuing to wait for the video to come out... *sits and waits but can't take it anymore and walks away.... Then comes back* XD
    I saw one thing the other day that made me so happy and feel like a little girl again: Bloop De Paris Cosmetics! They are so kitchsy and quirky that you can't help but like them anyway =)

    Just a sample of their cuteness. The cherry flavored lip balms.... Still too cute =)
    Well, today is our familys' Fathers Day and was kinda of a good celebration... Went for Chicago Ribs, had too much to eat and feel as full as a guppy on a protozoa infested morning. Now I'm just crapping. Ahh well, I was full anyway =)
    Oh yeah, Happy Feast Day to all of the Christians around the globe =)
    Send the fire today~

    Well, guess that's it for this post today. P.S: 1 more day to school... T.T

    Blogger Domo signing off, sir yes sir! XD 

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    "Big Time Crush ♥" was Posted On: June 11, 2011 @Saturday, June 11, 2011 | 0 lovely comments
    Teenage Dream

     Dunno why, but that song is stuck in my head on total replay... Oh, I know the reason why *smiles knowingly*
    Nope, honestly, I don't. But anyways, its already been one month! Gah, I've turn into one of those girls who are like an online calender complete with special days and what not...
    Well, I am happy... Haha =)

    This is what I think I'll probably do if I meet you.

    I forgot how much I loved Tangled... I was probably obsessed with it a few months back. I can't help it! It was such an adorable story.... Was probably because of Maximus =) 

    Ahh... They make such a cute couple ♥

    My heart stops, when you look at me,
    Just one touch, Now baby I believe,
    This is real, So take a chance 
    And never look back... Cuz you make me feel like I'm living a teenage dream ♥

    Still can't get over that song =')

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    "Teenage Dream" was Posted On: June 10, 2011 @Friday, June 10, 2011 | 0 lovely comments
    Stay Alive

     Okay, I'm not really that emo right now, I'm just plain bored.
    This holiday is passing by in such a blur and I think I'm Christ lagged... It's a term I invented for feeling very empty after spending so much time with God... I know, I'm weird.

    Yeah, what Stitch is feeling is what I'm feeling.... I'm lost.
    I think what I'm feeling is:

    Yeah, I think thats the most appropriate term for what I'm feeling now.
    I've been stuck at home for a seriously long time with absolutely NOTHING to do except my homework, studying, cleaning up the house... I feel like going to the beach side and leaving my worries behind with the tidal waves =) 
    I miss a certain somebody so much... Don't mind the corniness but it kinda feels like a gaping hole and... Empty without their presence.
    Feel like escaping and meeting them only right now... 

    Yeah, I feel exactly like James... Life is a ferris wheel with all its ups and downs but now I'm feeling bored... And sitting with a plant as my date XP
    This is one of Big Time Rush's episodes called "Big Time Girlfriends"

    Carlos : "How about her?" (pointing at a palm tree). Logan : "That's a palm tree."
    LOL, Carlos was trying to get a girlfriend =) 
    Well, thats how the song "Boyfriend" came about XD 

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    "Stay Alive" was Posted On: June 9, 2011 @Thursday, June 09, 2011 | 0 lovely comments
    Already... Back

      Hehe, total opposite of 'Already Gone' by Kelly Clarkson =) Guess with me back, my sis has no choice but to sleep back in our room... Muahahaaha ;)
    Camp was soo cool, but too bad I couldn't tour around St. Anne with my friends *rolls eyes*. Okay, I do kinda miss it.... Not kinda, miss it A LOT. But the best part of not being able to see someone for at least 3 days, even though you guys do talk, is the sweet reunion that follows =) And I finally slept for more than 10 hours since this morning.
    Highlights of the camp:
    -Went stargazing
    -Spending everyday with God and friends.
    -A new environment to learn and adjust too (which is probably the best of all)
    -Gossiping with friends till early morning...
    -Breaking "some" of the rules... Lol, long story, but cut short, my friends and I went to explore St. Anne  
     churches with no permission and came back 5 minutes late for dinner... On the first day. Plus I snuck out  
     of our dorm at about 2 o'clock just to star gaze with Cheryl... it was fun, to say the least XD The 
     facilatators weren't even mad and that was the most surprising of all... At least we didn't kena scolding la =)

    I will seriosuly miss Vocation Camp =) Wished too record most of all our memories but my camera was not working... Okay, I admit, I forgot to charge it before I left for camp and was hauling a 300 gram piece of not working metal through out the whole camp on your shoulder is NOT FUN.
    Besides that, we also watched movies from 10.30 till 1 o'clock in the morning (although the schedule says that the movie will end at 12 XD). Throughout those 2 days, I only had 10 hours of sleep... It was a miracle and God's Grace that I could stay awake for the next 17 hours XD
    Also gt introduced to music and movies that I have never seen before.. Like:


    This 2 movies were talking about people who helped to nuture and realise a group of misunderstood teenagers potential through hard work, understanding and patience. Both of them are true stories and really inspirational =)
    The there is this one gospel song that I really love:

    As I said, I will miss the experiences, people, music, movies and fun for a long time to come =)
    ~Nostalgia =)

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    "Already... Back" was Posted On: June 6, 2011 @Monday, June 06, 2011 | 0 lovely comments
    1 day left

     Yeah, basically 1 more day left before I go for my Vocation Camp... Bet I'll miss my bed the most. Okay, no, I'll miss my love the most... 3 days for me is too long *makes a face*
    Holidays so far have been kinda relaxing... TOO relaxing... Wish to go out but amazingly, everyones schedules clash so much, so just tetapkan one day to clear out our activities =)

    "Waiting all week, now it's a Friday night,
      We're gonna get dress up for the night of our lives,
      Lets get it started, started, started,
      Cause I've been feeling down, down
       I need a pick me up round, round, round,
       I wanna spin it up loud, loud, loud... DJ take me away!
    Oh, its gonna be big night,
    We're gonna have a good time!"
    -Big Night, Big Time Rush-

    Hehe, okay, maybe I am excited... A lil too excited... And I haven't even packed yet!!

    Gonna end this post to fuel up for the next 3 days with really random pics =)
    You... And Nutella


    "Any kind of guy you want girl, thats the kind I'll be, turn myself upside down...You decide, change your mind, I will  be there" Currently, my favorite BTR song =)

    Another song I'm obsessed with =) Well, besides the fact that I think Nicole Scherzinger is gorgeous and she's been a fav of mine for quite a long time =)

    "1 day left" was Posted On: June 2, 2011 @Thursday, June 02, 2011 | 0 lovely comments

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