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    exams are over, fuck yeah! If only I could dye my hair this week.
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    Things in my vanity (October 2012)

    Sometimes I wonder, what could make a girl really happy? A new makeup product? Eating chocolate? Finding a new guy? Losing weight?
    All of the above and plus I think I just found something that makes me really happy
    1) Dove Nourishing Oil Care
    I seriously love this hair product cause its so effective and really good for your hair. It doesn't leave a greasy residue on your hair when you put it on, plus it smells fab :D
    I bought hair oil after using the same Dove hair moisturizer for almost 3 years (?) so I deff had to try this for myself :)
    Yes, be jelly of my natural silky hair thanks to Dove :P
    2) Elie Saab Le Parfum body lotion
    Okay, this is a kind of a cheat cause I've had this body lotion for almost 1 year but recently I've just started using it and I gotta say I absolutely heart it!
    It has a very musky scent yet still manages to smell young because of the ylang ylang.
    My mum brought this for me from Germany and you know where did she get this from? A hotel's bathroom. No kidding. a hotel's bathroom that gives you Elie Saab body lotion. After your bath. Maybe Elie Saab is cheap there for them, I wouldn't have any idea.
    3) Hada Labo moisturizer
    I cannot stop raving about this moisturizer! I love it so much. suffice to say it seriously makes my face feel like as if it had been photo shop cause it is that smooth. And all from this facial product. Nuff' said.

    With just the moisturizer on. Don't blame me kay, I was just trying to keep this pic as natural as possible but I still have uneven skin and eye bags. Like any normal human being. Unless you're a natural Barbie but I digress.

    Loving this pink leopard print nails :D though I think I'll perfect it during the holidays for better results.
    4)High Low nude dress from Forever 21

    I love how this dress is very fitting yet loose and when I wore it, it feathered behind me like a cape and I felt like a princess :D Maybe this is how superman feels like :D Except the princess part.
    Wore this to a church event dinner and dance. Only got home at 11 on a Sunday night. Hence the not going to school on a Monday lol. Me and sis pakated, haha.
    Exams are over, school holidays are rolling in and there are a ton of activities now. Just praying to God to give me strength to face all this insecurities and also  for the grace I deserve for my hard work in my exams.
    It's showtime.
    ;So shine bright, tonight, you and I, we're beautiful like diamonds in the sky.
    Shine bright like a diamond ♥

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