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    Saturday Wedding.

    So I haven't been updating my blog that frequent and tons of apologies because my test is near so I have limited time to blog or spend online (mostly, its all done on my phone).

    First of, I got myself a manicure (D.I.Y) in my fav shade of pink, Barbie pink.

    It's actually from Rimmel and I got to say, the quality is great to boot!

    Then on last Saturday, my family and I were invited for a wedding by our neighbours and I gotta say, that was the most fusion kind of wedding I've ever seen with all the decorations and vibe :O
    Photos on the way!

    Me :D

    The decorations of the most un-Chinese Chinese wedding I've ever been to :O

    4 season dish :D

    The decorations on the table xD

    The presentation for the food. It was so epic with the dry ice and everything :D

    And you know what's the best part? The bride and groom didn't just walk in the hall, they rode a motorbike in! If that's nontraditional I don't know what is :3

    Then I decided to go and camwhore with the decorations cause it was that pretty :O

    Ta-da :D

    Sometimes, I wish my wedding will be as beautiful as this but only God knows when I'll meet my soul mate :')

    Whereas for this Friday, I and the fam went out for St. Anne's feat in Bukit Mertajam and it was nice and festive but too bad I couldn't take much pics cause the atmosphere was just too hectic and we finished at bout 10 at night?

    Camwhoring in the car because was so bored and was stuck in a jam for almost 2 hours.
    Beat that KL people.

    ;Eyes on fire, eyes on fire, And the burn from all the tears, I've been crying, I've been crying, I've been dying over you.

    I think I've finally had enough, I think I maybe think too much, I think this might be it for us, Blow me one last kiss ♥

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    Vegas Girl

    Vegas Girl

    Vegas Girl by tennychua featuring leopard print heels

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    B.Y.E ♥

    I'll be your shelter, I'll be your storm, I'll make you shiver, I'll keep you warm, whatever weather,
    Baby I'm yours,
    Be your forever, be your fling, baby I will be your everything

    And so the love bug strikes again. Though not with a person, it's just a feeling. Never been so happy and contented just the way I am, no frills, thrills or cheap love to break my heart. Just me in my life :)

    ;We used to say, That we would always stay together, But whos to say, We could never last forever.

    Boy, got a question, Could you see yourself with somebody else? ♥


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    Casual Chic

    Casual Chic

    Casual Chic by tennychua featuring a pendant necklace

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    Sports Day 2012 :D

    School had our Sports Day yesterday :) And now I'm on a holiday cause of a sunburn :O Didn't even do anything and I got a sunburn #badlucktenny.

    Anyway, here is all the colourful pics I managed to snap on that day when I wasn't lazy and just talking and eating :P

     Love the balloons but too bad I left early to see it being released. That would have made for an awesoem photo :3

    Temenggung (my house) during the showcase as I would like to call it :D

    The houses all standing together :D I kinda want to be the girl holding the house sign next year (since it's my last year) cause I get to dress up and parade around looking pretty. Me likey.

     Camho pic :P

     Milky and Shaheal :D

     Tired face after Sports Day. It really was well worth it. Especially to take a day off :P

    ;All around the world, people want to be love, all around the world, they're no diffrent than us.

    I love everything about you, You're imperfectly perfect, everyone's itching for beauty but just scrathing the surface

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    Supposed to be.

     Whole weekend was slightly uneventful. Had to go shopping but instead was down with diarrhea. Nevermind, at least there was a few salvages to it :)

    Went for Kolomee, this new place that uses a touch screen to take your orders and it was really futuristic :O

     The menu and the process of ordering :D

    Later we went to Blackball and tried Taiwanese dessert for the first time and it was nice :O Now I know what the hype is all about :D

     The device to tell us if our order is ready :)

     The dessert which I forgot it's name but it was good :3

    My fave the cranberry tea :D 

    Next day went to Queens for shopping, pics on the clothes some other post ;)

    Had Azuma for lunch :D

     Sister's soft shell cab and rice set :)

     My usual katsudon :D 

    And to make the weekend even more awesome, dad splurged a Titan watch for me as my belated (really, really belated) birthday gift :D

    What's even better, got a 20 percent discount, 10 from my dad's persuasion and the fact that he knows the salesman there and another 10 from my... Er, flirtation :*

     Love love :D 

    ;I won't give up on us, Even if the skies get rough, I'm giving you all my love, I'm still looking up.

    I don't wanna be someone who walks away so easily I'm here to stay and make the difference that I can make ♥

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    Jambulicious Carnival and some other things

     Last Saturday (30/6) my school had a carnival in conjungtion with the svchool's 10th anniversary. All of us pitched in to help and voila, our carnival was a sucess! Don't ask me how I know (I'm clairvoyatic) but we really did outdid ourselves. Even the carnival timing was extended until 4! Which is like 1 more hour of it! I write with exclaimations too much!

    All of us setting up the store :3 we were like busy crazy during this time --

    Couldn't really take a lot of pics cause I was too busy with preparing all the stuff :X

     Caught up with Shannon and took this photo cause I love her face paint :3

    After waiting like half an hour for to get into the maze house we gave up and just hanged out in the gerbang ilmu for a while. As usual, we camwhored there :3

    Me and Viv :3

    Met up with Henry and invited him to go with us for archery :) People sometimes don't believe that we've known each other ever since we were only 2 :D

    Later we went for archery and it was so fun since it was my first time :O I felt like Katniss Everdeen. But with a very bad aim anyway.

    Saw a few people that I never thought I'd see. Kinda shocked. Then just felt angry for a small thing.
    Whatever's in the past, its already done and finished.
    But still shocked and acted a lil stupid.
    It's inevitable anyway.

    When I held that bow and felt the arrow between my fingertips, I knew taht I would love it and not just because my favourite character was an archer but just because it felt so awesome :D
    It was like all your stress and fears were released when the arrow shot out and such a satisfaction when the arrow hit any part of the bullseye :)

     Group pic in front of my stall :D Pic courtesy of Sharvind.

    With Swarley advertising fried mushrooms :D Pic courtesy of Ryan.

    After that, I went back to the gerbang ilmu with a few of my friends and we watched the performances.

     Me, Karen and Hafiz :) Karen's Viv friend and she just hanged out with us since Viv abandoned us all and God knows where she went :P

    After when the carnival finished at 4 (yes, 7.30 to 4 :O) me and the family went for dinner in Precint 10's Chez Weng with grandma. One word when I entered that restaurant: Contemporary :O

    My beef ribs :D

    The next day, went to Queens for beauty essentials shopping :3

     Beauty haul of today: Lipgloss from Skin Food and cleanser & toner from Neutrogena :)

    Got my first ever rose :3 the gesture was so impeccably sweet :D

    ;Take me to your bestfreinds house, I loved you then and I love you now.

    My eyes on your eyes, Like Peter Pan up in the sky  ♥

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