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    CEC Year End Camp

    I think it's becoming really customary now that I have to go for a camp at the end of the year (though not PDYD) because I have something on Wednesday?

    This year's theme was "Celebrating Faith" and honestly, this was the most fun camp I've been to so far :D

    First and second days not much pictures cause I was too lazy to take them so I'll post about the third day instead.

    We went to an old folks home for the outreach (Little sisters of the Poor).

    Us with sister Joanna :)

    All of us posing in the chapel :D 

    Edmund :) My gusband (gay husband). Just met him randomly and suddenly we just became gusband and gaife (gay wife) xD

    The whole group performing for the old folks :D 

    Met so many inspiring people.
    Praised and worshipped God happily throughout camp :D
    Made so many new friends who made me feel less awkward during cam cause I was there alone (Cheryl and Viv weren't there cause of SPM) :(
    I think I seriously miss camp now.
    Too bad I can't go for PDYD 2 which is happening like, now? 
    But it was still fun, thanks you Lord for everything that you gave me before this camp, during this camp and after this camp :D 

    ;Come those whose joy is morning sun, and those weeping through the night.

    Rejoice, rejoice, let every tongue rejoice, one love, one voice, O church of Christ rejoice ♥

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