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    Gold Coast, mate! (Part 1)

    So just got back from the most awesome holiday in le awesome Gold Coast and it was awesome :D And I was so happy that finally after 7 years, I managed to go overseas again... And still remember it :P
    So this post will be separated into a few parts and here's part one of the awesome Gold Coast trip :D

    Arrived in KLIA after one hour flight. And the lighting wasn't that good. Heh.

    At the launching room where we wait for our airline.

    Then all of us were of to an 8 hour flight to Gold Coast. First time travelling that long in an airplane :/

    Dad bought an entertainment package from AirAsia for us to use a Samsung tablet. So I used it to listen to Lana Del Ray. Gotta admit that her songs are awesome. 

    The sunset out the plane when the pilot said we were nearing Gold Coast.

    When we arrived in Coolangatta airport, Gold Coast, it was near to 10 p.m. in Australia (8 in Malaysia). The first thought I had when I stepped out of the airplane was "Holy shit, it's freaking cold". Seriously, it was around 11°C-13°C at night and 20°C-24°C during the day.

    What greeted us at the bag carousel :P

    Now this is what I call advertisement. LOL.

    Checked into our hotel at Islander and dad went to a nearby store to get instant noodles cause we didn't really have much to eat on the airline :S

    First meal in Gold Coast :D Chicken instant noodles.

    View outside of our hotel room :D That's the Hilton hotel BTW.

    1st day in Gold Coast

     View outside of one of the hotel windows. Even the clouds here are so different than Malaysia's. Here's more fluffy and hitting the horizon, leaving the sky just blue whereas in M'sia, the clouds are all over the sky.
    Pfft, cloud investigator konon.

    So, for the first day, we visited Sea World.

     Steps outside Hard Rock hotel.

    Statement: I just love the view of Gold Coast's streets. So serene.

    We reached Sea World in about a 15 minutes? And we didn't really have a tour guide so it's on our own to explore. FYI this kind of tour is called F&E (free and easy) which is really recommended cause you get to explore at the leisure of your own pace :D 

    View that greeted us in the front of Sea World :D
    Bikini Bottom's most famous landmarks ;)

    We then took a cable car ride to go to the opposite of Sea World and passed a few of Sea World's attractions. In the air. LOL.

    Of course, it was a picture frenzy and I nearly drop my phone in excitement to capture everything. Almost fml.

    I honestly love the color of the water they have here. Greenish-turquoise.

     Self boat ride :D I went on one of this with my sis and I was panicking all the way cause we nearly went to far. She kept on calling me a panicky idiot cause I couldn't stop freaking out. Whoops.
    But it was still fun though :P

    The view of Bikini Bottom's landmarks above in the air :D

    The water again. I think I have a serious water photo loving fetish. Heh.

     T-rex in Dinosaur Park (not the real name but I forgot what it was, fml). More pics of this as we go through this blog post ;)

    Then later we passed one of Sea World's main attraction that also caused me to nearly drop my phone from 30 feet in the air.

    Dolphins are so cute they nearly made me orgasmed with my phone camera clicking away. And nearly falling down. Okay, enough about nearly dropping my phone. Haha xD 

    Dinosaur land again.

    after the cable car pooped us out, the whole familia went to watch a show involving seals! :D It's name was buddy and the story line was about this villain called Abaloney that was stealing the towns fishing produce. Or something like that. But it was seriously really nice to watch :D

     The set :O This Aussie's really know how to put on a good show :O 
    And they were really efficient too :O

    The end of the show :D 

    Pirate boat in the middle of the lake. Pretty ain't it?

    Check out the cute clouds and pretty water :3

    We then went for a short while to watch Dora the Explorer play. It was kinda childish but nice at the same time :S

    Dora entertaining the kids. Lol, all of them were laughing and singing along to Dora :P

    Then we had some ice cream which was like $5.00 for one scoop. But it was alright too :P

    The guy taking care of the ice cream shop was almost as yummy as the ice cream itself. No kidding :*

    When we were walking around the park, we thought about watching a dolphin show since we didn't get to see it the last time I was in Hong Kong so of to the dolphin show we went. 

    This show was deff one of my favorite highlights of this trip :D 

    This whole show was talking about how dolphins are important to the marine biological system and how awesome they are lol. 

    Which is true, they are awesome and I've been a fan of dolphins since I was like... Nine?
    I like dolphins.

    Then they had the dolphins and their caretakers demonstrate some moves that those dolphins could pull of and I was so impressed!

    They could carry a human on their backs while swimming (unless you can't stand cause their backs are slippery wtf)

    This was by far my favourite part of the show. It was when the dolphins were asked to jump in the air :D

    And it's times like this where I'm glad my phone camera has a really fast shutter.

    Yes, all of the photos (well, most of them) were taken with my phone camera. Pretty impressive huh? xD

    We then past by a penguin encasement and saw some tropical penguins. Too cute *dies*

    After the show, the whole family walked around until we reached an open air marine gallery where we could see shark eggs, starfish, sea cucumbers, the works :D 

    Starfish just sitting there. A lady got a shock when I told my mum starfish made great crispy snacks in China. Lol.

    Sea cucumbers :D

    Shark eggs incubated. In water.

     A starfish and an empty shark egg case.

    Sea urchin :D (or coral... Not so sure)

    We then also walked along to an underground aquarium which was like wow! Though I personally thought the one at KLCC was much more interesting. Still.

    Love their aquarium layout :P

    Leopard shark :3

    We came out of the underground aquarium just in time to see a jet-ski stunt act in the lake in front of Sea world. Though we sat at the side of the lake so it was a lake-side view?

    Camwhoring against the pretty Australian sky :3

    The jet-ski stunt men all getting warmed up for the show.

    And to tell you the truth, the show was awesome! Especially all the stunts where the jet ski went into the water, upside down, over a ledge and all those adrenaline things.
    Plus the stuntmen were really cute.
    And they waved to everyone in the crowd.
    Including me.

    My fave pic from this attraction :D 

    Now, it's time for Dinosaur World :D 

    Me posing with Little Foot from the Land Before Time :3

    Me sis and Mr.Walrus :P

    We came back from Sea World at 4.00 p.m. and just chilled in our hotel room before jalan-jalan hendak cari makan (going out to eat) dinner :)

    For dinner we tried this awesome Persian restaurant called Shiraz where they had the most amazing eggplant dip with naan bread *drools*.
    It has another name in Persian but it was too complicated for me to spell or even think about. Fml.

    Sis looks so emo and tired :P

    Salad with a simple topping of balsamic vinegar. 

    The famous eggplant dip with naan bread :') Major love ♥

    Dad and mum also ordered Lamb and chicken kebabs with saffron rice for our main :)
    Even their rice tasted amazing :O

    What I really love about Persian food is it's such a contrast like hot and cold, spicy and mild and rich and decent. Wow. It was seriously awesome.
    Must try if your visiting Gold Coast :D

    While we were driving to Sea World, I caught sight of this ice cream parlour making freshly made ice cream on the premise and when  I told le mum and dad, they decided to try it out.

    Turns out it was fantastic ice cream and even better that Haagen-daz (and cheaper too :P). Plus I got a praising from mum about how keen I was *swells with pride*

    The ice cream shops name was Copenhagen. Loved it like crazy :P

    Mum and dads almond fudge&rum and raisin.

    Me and sis's mint and midnight chocolate :D 

    Went walking around Surfers Paradise and took random shots around.

    Passed Pie Face. 
    Totally love their coffee concept xD

    Random store whose advertisement was really creative so I just had to take a pic of it :3

    Ended the night by posing by Surfers Paradise beach :D At 10 in the night --

    Second part coming up soon along with Merdeka&Raya celebration in school :D 

    This is for the girl that can get down low, The whole club wanna see you go.

    Ey, shake, shake like your famous girl, Head back, lay it down like a Vegas girl ♥

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