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    The Big Bang theory

     I'm starting to notice a freaky trend in my taste of music nowadays... I'm starting to like bands that all start with the word 'Big' e.g: Big Time Rush and now, Big Bang :O Ah well, at least both of those mentioned bands have really great songs :) Plus Taeyang is soooo adorable!
    It started when I fell in love with their song 'Haru Haru' and 'Tonight'

    This is their original MV for 'Tonight' :D And Taeyang is so cool and cute in this vid :D I'm usually not a fan of Korean bands, but I think they could be the only exception <3 And the best thing? Most of everyone I know are fans of them :) Another reason they are so awesome is because they even sing great live... Especially 'Haru Haru' the acoustic version.

    There's also "Tell Me Goodbye" which tells the story of this pair who has to seperate for some reason... Especially love the part where Daesung says "being by my side merely is not kindness baby" :D Well, I think that was what he said (I had to get the help of subs for that one). But I sure do love that song... And Taeyang :D

    There's a weird trend now in all my music tastes cuz I just noticed that every band I like... Like really like, like, all starts with a "big" in the front e.g: Big Bang and Big Time Rush.... I just had to repeat that of course to tactfully bring in Big Time Rush :D
    Speaking of Big Time Rush, they now have a new album on the way (kinda sounds like I'm proclaiming a pregnancy over here) and the due date is 11.21.11 <3 I just couldn't love that date even more :) Actually, I have no apparent reason to love that date but I just do :)

    The album is called "Elevate" and it is said that;

    ‎10 details revealed by Big Time Rush!:-

    1. The album's name is Elevate and the release date is 11.21.11
    2. The boys were in Canada during the live chat and they are currently filming Big Time Movie!
    3. One of the songs in the album is called No Idea and it is a ballad
    4. Another song called Love Me, Love Me is included in the album and it's an upbeat party song
    5. The first single that will be released is called Music Sounds Better With You! The boys co-wrote the song with Ryan Tedder
    6. Most of the tracks in Elevate were written by BTR
    7. The album can be pre-ordered starting Nov.1, a day before Kendall's birthday
    8. The song You're Not Alone is dedicated to all BTR fans
    9. Carlos wrote the song Invisible while thinking of the fans
    10. Be creative and create a 11.21.11 picture and put it as your Twitter pic during the week of the album's release and the best ones will get shout-outs from the boys!

    Num 10 is just really optional but its official! BTR will be releasing their new album by mid-November! :D Wow, and too think their debut album just came out at the start of this year... This boys sure do work fast... *stunned*


    Oh boy, you have no idea :)

    Everything post PMR is all good, no that much signs of stress anymore... Half of the time I don't even remember sitting for the exam. I kinda just remember bits and pieces of it... Of course, who would want to remind themselves of all the panicky memories? Thank You Lord for this short term memory loss :D 

    Status after PMR activities: Totally bored and irrelevent even to come to school... But forced to and
                                                  as usual, being drawn back by something ;)

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    "The Big Bang theory" was Posted On: October 20, 2011 @Thursday, October 20, 2011 | 0 lovely comments

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