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    2011's a-coming (and probably here)

    Wow, the year has definitely passed by quick, another year, more wrinkles (xD)... I still wish I was 14 though, I don't wanna grow up and old... what with PMR next year too... Pssh, better enjoy the last days of holidays before hell starts all over again. I didn't really get a good class for Form 3, but then, the class doesn't determine the students quality, but the students determine the class's quality, thats all that is keeping me going right now. 
    P.S: I really hope that 2011 will be better than this year, I would definitely appreciate a better year :)
    Happy New Year's Eve and have a wonderful 2011! And don't touch that Muzel Tov if you don't wanna spend 2011 half drunk :)

    "2011's a-coming (and probably here)" was Posted On: December 31, 2010 @Friday, December 31, 2010 | 0 lovely comments
    Of to the moon!

    Well, technically somewhere nearer la :D

    See ya my dear blog... :)
    P.S: Love The Way You Lie Part 2 is awesome :)

    "Of to the moon!" was Posted On: December 26, 2010 @Sunday, December 26, 2010 | 0 lovely comments
    Christmas Day!

    Joy to the world, the Lord has come, let Earth receive her King! :)
    Yes, its that time of the year again, the time to celebrate with all your love ones the value of the Christmas spirit, have fun and pop bottles until you drop :)
    Just came back from Mass after a ritual of buying McDonalds and now is superbly tired *exaggerated yawn*
    Well, guess that's it then, goodnight/goodmorning and have sweet dreams/don't spill the coffee on yourself.
    P.S: I wanted to wish a few of my friends Merry Christmas in church but only managed to wish a few, my theory is they must have been popping bottles in the ice xD

    See, even Taylor Swift is happy during this festive season :)
    Photos all from rubber duckies :)
    Have a blessed and wonderful Christmas everyone! :D

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    "Christmas Day!" was Posted On: December 25, 2010 @Saturday, December 25, 2010 | 0 lovely comments
    Random =)

    LOL, love this vid, slightly pervish, but its hilarious xD
    Oh, and also, life lesson take it from someone who has been through it... don't and I repeat DON'T sneeze in a airport fill with medical examiners and police squads... you may never know if they are gonna go ninja on you =/
    And I still don't know what my cousin got for his PMR results =.=
    But for everyone who got good results, congratulations =) and for those who didn't, it's not the end yet, you've got another major exam to suceed in and its never too late =D
    P.S: Next years the Form 2's turn =/ Schiesse ><

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    "Random =)" was Posted On: December 23, 2010 @Thursday, December 23, 2010 | 0 lovely comments
    Don't Let It Go To Your Head

    Well, I didn't go to my aunts house but I did go Christmas shopping, and it was... just peachy. But the one thing that aggravates me is that Christmas is just around the corner but they're already selling back to school stuff and Chinese New Year stuff already... sheesh, one celebration first before the other one la *rolls eyes* And sometimes its ficken-ing dope to see school uniforms and bags when you're going Christmas shopping... SWT --" Don't mind me, I'm just not in a good mood now, maybe because of the stress or something... or the boredom =P

    Just cause I can't go on, just cause I die when your gone, just cause I think of you in bed, don't let it go to your head~
    Love this song by Fefe Dobson... actually, addicted to it :D
    Just cause I laugh a little bit louder when you're around and start blushing, it doesn't matter, so don't let it go to your head ;)
    Ugh, my cousin is getting his PMR results already, I can't wait to see hear what he got... just to know if I should compete or not xD Well, to all the Form 3's who are getting your result, wish you all the best :)
    P.S: 3 more days to X'mas :)

    "Don't Let It Go To Your Head" was Posted On: December 22, 2010 @Wednesday, December 22, 2010 | 0 lovely comments
    Back To December

    To rewrite all my past mistakes.
    Okay... time to snap out of this miserable reverie and get back on with my life anyways :)
    Aunt, uncle and cousin are already here from Singapore ever since yesterday. Had so much fun catching up with them... best of all asking my aunt all questions related to beauty and what not, plus she's seriously good in that xD
    We went for Gurney first where we just lepak-ed and wasted time over there (abiding the "look-see-but-don't-buy" rule) plus had tons of fun . Whats more, they allowed me to go to Watsons, Guardian, The Body shop and see whether I wanted to buy anything there. And let me tell you, the price for one damn strawberry body lotion in The Body Shop is about 40 to 50 fudge-freakin-tastic dollars... and I really wanted that, nevermind, I guess I could do so with my new year's money or something :)
    Then went to my aunt Mary's house where we rested after one whole day... then went out for dinner at this small Thai restaurant. The phrase "looks can be decieving" scores a brownie point here because small as that restaurant may look like, the tomyam certainly packs a punch *drools remembering the tomyam* And we went back to my aunts house where we all just hanged around watching Scary Movie (the boy who acted there, he's seriously hawt ;) And then finally, one of us had sense to tell my uncle to get a move on and we finally got back at about 10.30 and all managed to sleep well in to 12 or 1-ish only. Hence, thats why I look like Lord Voldies stunt double. No, seriously, I do. Red puffy eyes and pale skin... but with a nose. So its a no brainer there. Well, I guess thats all for day 1 then, today we're going to my other aunts house in the mainland and well, hope for it to be a great time as well :)
    Plus, 4 more days to X'mas, woots! :)

    Couldn't resist putting up that pic, ahh, the Christmas spirit is HERREEEE :)

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    "Back To December" was Posted On: December 21, 2010 @Tuesday, December 21, 2010 | 0 lovely comments
    Silent Whispers

    No matter what it is that you think, I'm not the kinda girl to blink, and give my heart away, stop trying to steal my heart away~

    "Who do you like?" A phsycological question but immediately, you start thinking of that special someone.

    I don't own all of this images, they all belong to Photobucket :)
    P.S: I am NOT in love, the photos and quotes were to sweet to resist putting up :)

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    "Silent Whispers" was Posted On: December 19, 2010 @Sunday, December 19, 2010 | 0 lovely comments
    Something Sweet

    Ah, the banners are here already, and at the nick of time :D
    I chose the theme "getting over but still in love" and the banners are awesome :) P.S: I don't own this at all.

     I wonder if I ever cross your mind like the way you do in mine. All the time.

    Even your smile and laughter.

    Well... sorta :)

    As I said, I don't own any of the pics, they all belong to this website/blog, check them out...

    and the best part is that they take your request too, thanks guys, the banners are seriously cool :D
    ♥ Tennielle :)

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    "Something Sweet" was Posted On: December 18, 2010 @Saturday, December 18, 2010 | 0 lovely comments
    Moving pictures... weird but cool!

                   tokio hotel schrei

    Scream, till you feel it, scream til you believe it, scream, until it hurts you scream it out loud, scream~
    I love this :D

    "Moving pictures... weird but cool!" was Posted On: December 17, 2010 @Friday, December 17, 2010 | 0 lovely comments

    Urgh, today I missed my most fave anime show (thats right, I watch anime... well, only one show though) Romeo X Juliet *wails melodramatically then grins* Well, got so immersed chatting with Sare on the phone that I didn't notice the time pass by so fast xD
    But seriously, missing your favourite tv show? Urgh.
    Oh, the Transforers 3 trailer is out, looks kinda promising :) Hope its doesn't only LOOK nice but IS nice.. trust me, the first movie was so-so, the second movie sucked (although I loved the location) so I hope the third won't go down the drain *crosses fingers*
    Breakfast today was interesting... went to the local neighbourhood market and look who I bumped into? Mr "Evil-in-denial-but-is-secretly-an-evil-villain" himself... a.k.a one of the boys I hated during my pre-teen days. Well, "love thy enemy as thy would love yourself".... does it count as aknowledging him but then sneering behind his back? Guess I gotta check that verse again...
    Speaking of verses and holiness, I sure as heck miss CEC camp... the best fun through out the whole hols =/
    I noticed I haven't watched a movie in a loonngg time, well, wanted to watch Rapunzel, but the queue was too long... missed out on it I guess. 9 more days to Christmas... can't wait :D
    Oh, and theres this brand new story on Quizzila called "A Slave To Love (A vampire story) check it out if you have the time, the writer is pretty darn good and in my opinion this should really be a book, bet it would beat out corny Twilight.
    Somehow, I found out more than I could betted in my life... and I'm astounded how you could handle it... you always surprise me :)
    And man, I love this pic, its so sweet:

    Its from the "Slave To Love" the part where Blade and Kiana go for they're second date in the pool and things start getting "interesting" ;)

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    "Surprises" was Posted On: December 16, 2010 @Thursday, December 16, 2010 | 0 lovely comments
    Things To do This Holidays

    As you can see, having a school holiday really has its ups and downs, up being your free, downs being, when your free, you get bored easily (not to mention your appetite strangely just gets huger if you don't do anything) So, me and my sis, have decided to come out with a list for what to do during the hols and it goes like this:
    1. Fight of ninjas
    2. Build a river in the middle of the house
    3. Lunch with the Queen
    4. Motorcrossing in the house
    5. Climbing the walls like Spiderman
    Yup, thats my list for this holidays (dunno if I could do that)
    But I hope so it could be xD
    P.S: I'm now addicted to Enrique Iglesias "Tonight (I'm lovin you)" its a-w-e-s-o-m-e :D
    5 more days till cousin and aunt could come though :)

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    "Things To do This Holidays" was Posted On: December 15, 2010 @Wednesday, December 15, 2010 | 0 lovely comments
    come pain, come hurt, see the halo

    "Come pain, come hurt, see the halo ha-ha-halo~" I still can't get over those song lyrics :D Ah, love that song :)
    I found an awesome poem in the net, and it's titled "Confuse" it goes somehow like this
    You got things running through my mind
    Thinking if you were the person I could'nt find.
    We had our ups and downs
    Which gave me smiles and frowns;
    I keep tellin myself that if the situation don't fit,
    You should try again and don't quit.
    But there are times when you go over the line
    I call you and you press decline.
    Boy just please tell me how you really feel
    Because I know you and I made a deal
    I want to keep you but then I don't
    Baby please keep it real and don't front.
    Maybe I should let you know how I feel,
    Boy I want to let you go and I'll chill.
    Which somehow describes what I once was going through. Am I too young to go through all of this or is this somehow part of life's twisted game? Should I go through this or just give up... Ah, questions of the heart, they never cease to amaze me xD
    Actually, words can't express whats on my mind or the feelings that I'm going through. I dunno why, but somehow I feel like there;s an empty void in me... like somethings missing but somehow I can't put a finger on what it is o.0
     P.S: You know what, its time I walked away.

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    "come pain, come hurt, see the halo" was Posted On: December 14, 2010 @Tuesday, December 14, 2010 | 0 lovely comments
    Hurricanes and Suns

    The new vid is out!! *Trying to surpress a fangirl scream but fails anyway* The boys are still as hawt, as usual :)
    I don't know if this is true, but someone said on youtube that this video feels like as though they are trying to say goodbye... I sure hope they don't though. I can't really imagine how it would be if there was no Tokio Hotel anymore :( Bet almost everyone will go "yay! no more Tokio Hotel, bet this girl will shut up now" *pissed face*
    Anyway if anyone did say that, they would immediately enter my bad books already >:)
    Oh and today I came up with a new story idea, but I don't know, the storyline and climax looks too weak for my taste... Oh well, guess it's back to the plan board again...
    Ah well, I think things will clear up anyways ^^
    See ya,
    Tennielle :)
    P.S: Tokio Hotel also came out with they're new album "The Best Of Tokio Hotel" Don't know how it sounds to you but if an artist ever produces a "best of" album, it usually means they'll be gone within a few years... Lord please let it not be T_T

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    "Hurricanes and Suns" was Posted On: December 13, 2010 @Monday, December 13, 2010 | 0 lovely comments

    Two posts in a day? Wow, I must be getting bored. Well, the reason for this post is that I have a lot and a LOT of things on my mind. I wish I could get a pensieve like that one from Harry Potter where Dumbledore extracts his memories and puts in a magical basin where you can visit it all over again. If you don't know what I'm talking about, Google it, if it's not on Google, you're screwed (random and just HAD to add that)
    Reason being, the rational is fighting with the irrational, kinda like a struggle between that angel and devil on your shoulder thing-y-ma-bob. But it's too impersonal to put up on the Web but one things for sure, every thing that I went through, good and bad, I have already offered up to Him for His own doing. I dunno if this is what I should do, but there was just a nagging feeling in me telling me to do that. What else better to do than follow your gut instint? If you do not know what I'm rambling about, please, feel free to youtube a video called "Five Loaves and Two Fishes" from Corrine May. If you don't wanna do youtube that vid, than you probably have wasted 2 minutes reading a seemingly pointless post.
    Have a wonderful day,
    Tennielle :)

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    "Pensieve" was Posted On: December 12, 2010 @Sunday, December 12, 2010 | 0 lovely comments
    BCF Christmas Dinner 2010

    Yesterday, my whole family went to my mum's Christian Fellowship dinner in Waterfall Restaurant, the food there was tre delicious especially the fish baked in cheese, lamb chops, mushroom soup and tons more. There we also were introduced to a Portugese Christmas carol, kinda nice too. Everyone there had fun and the party came out as a sucess :D And what was weird was that just a few days ago, I was craving for the same type of food that was served there and got a pleasant surprise when my mum said we're going there for dinner. Oh well, might have been a coincedence ;D
    These are the pics that I took and thankfully, my camera is now back to normal (due to a massive head bang, but nevermind bout that)


    The decorations for the night were seriously purrty, but too bad I was distracted by the food so that I couldn't take much more pics...  I guess I wasn't cut out to be a photographer after all xD
    P.S: The sentence "I ate like a pig yesterday" is seriously under-rated, try more like "I ate like a sasquatch yesterday" and you got the idea of how much baked fish with cheese I consumed xD

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    Abnormal Cravings

    I dunno why, but I have a craving now for smoked salmon with that special Norwegian sauce, mashed potatoes and with a glass of.. umm, Chardonnay (what? I prefer that compared to Merlot =p)

    *drool* xD

    Sitting at home for the holidays are making me slightly feeling bored... to the extent I wish that I could go to Italy. But to bad when I was watching the trailer for Eat. Pray. Love, Elizabeth Gillbert portrayed Italy as an old cheesy place where they don't even have IPhones and eat pizza and gelato all day long (well, the food is spot on, but no IPhones, that just weird)
    *Daydreaming alert*
    If I could go to Italy, I would visit Rome too, the Closseum and shop in those quaint lovely Italian shops... *sigh* if only I could...

    P.S for Christmas I wish I could have this:

    This would definitely be cool as a gift :)
    But I'm all that not shallow, for Christmas, I pray for all the people facing hardship, broken heartedness, the people who go through life with no hope... I pray for them too. Wow, this kinda sounds like Justin Bieber's song "Pray". Well, that song is really awesome too... but somehow Justin sounds kinda more grown-up, like his voice is already cracking. but none of the less, I love that song and he's also an awesome singer too :)

    Well, guess this is all for my "bored til death so I could rant" post.
    Wish I had a more interesting life.
    I close my eyes, I can see a better day,
    I close my eyes and pray...
    Still love that song :)

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    "Abnormal Cravings" was Posted On: December 10, 2010 @Friday, December 10, 2010 | 0 lovely comments
    CEC Camp 2010

    During December 4-6, our church held a Secondary School Camp for all the forms. Suffice to say, it was awesome :D
    On the 1st day:
    I arrived slightly tired, there's something between me and waking up early that despise each other. Got there slightly nervous for the registration. Met all my friends and felt slightly lighter... and the rest they say is history :) Had the most fun during praise and worship, learning more about Him:

    And meeting all my best buddies. We also had a water fight, while it was drizzling slightly. Had the most of fun and got really, REALLY very wet :

    Didn't know that running in the rain while getting hosed down would be so.... FUN *grins*
    For the first two days of camp, we finished at 10. For the third (and last day) we finished at 6 (FYI)

    2nd day:
    All of us had to prepare a presentation for our parents when they arrived at 7, because there was a potbless and also, it was a Family Night.

     My group "Peacemakers" while preparing for our performance :D

    While being very nervous for our presentation, everyone had a blast during the potbless:

    This was while waiting for the potbless to start, yeah, I know, most of us look hungry and blur xD
    But we had tons of fun and what better experience to have than eating with family and friends while laughing? Family and friends really are great Gifts of God :)

    So, IT WAS TIME FOR OUR PRESENTATION *dramatic music*
    We had lotsov-Phan rehearsing but now it was time to present:

    Love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength!

    P.S: The other groups skits, dances and performances were also very, VERY good :D
    I particularly loved Group 1's skit "Are you willing to die for God?" Awesome :D
    But it wasn't only all fun and games, it was also a time of worship and praise... getting to know Him better and I tell you, God is good and He is Great *AMEN!*
    If your faith is enough to sustain you, you will find out that He really does love you as His own child and that miracles happen when you put all your trust into Him :) Take it from someone who has already experienced it. Feel free to ask me what I went through, but please, don't ask me to EXPLAIN it, because if I do, you will not only not understand me but you will also find it un-plausible IF you didn't experience what I did. Point blank: You have to feel it to believe it.
    Not that I didn't believe, I just didn't know.

    Tally on to the 3rd day:
    I think I'm more 67 years old than a 14 year old because I forgot to mention that we also had a "Guardian Angel/ Mortal" game. This game requires you to wrap up a box, such like this:
    Where we were suppose to choose anonymously our Mortal that we have to help secretly without them finding out. Like a real Guardian Angel :)
    While doing so, we could also write down notes of affirmation to all our friends or basically everyone and prasie them on they're good points to remind them why they were a Gift from God.
    It's a really great game and by the end of it, I felt elated and happy that people noticed all of my qualities that I didn't ever realise before, I mean, seriously, would you ever notice if you had a great smile unless someone told you so?
    Well, sadly, the camp had to end and we all had to leave the comfort and sanity of the Church walls to go out and face this world (dramatic, I know, but what's life without drama? xD)
    Not only did I leave the camp much more lighter and happier than I had ever felt before, I also left the camp as a woman of God whose job was to be a Gift of God to everyone around her. And with also a lot of friends made (just had to add that :d)

    God is good and He is great  

    The memories that I have made at this camp will be cherished, and I hope that tons more of people get to experience His love in a much more stunning clarity rather than what they are used to.
    Goodbye and take care,
    Tennielle :)
    P.S: Thank you Father for sharing with us the Within Temptation "Memories" song. I am now in love with it :D

    Credits of the photos go to Jojo, Aundrey and Karyn. There was a certain complication involving my camera during the second day. This photos have been used with permission.Any copywrited done without the permission of the author of this blog and the photographs owners will be prosecuted under... well, there's no law, but I'll kill you if you did (jk) xD


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    Hope - It can crush anyone.

    Hope is the worst of evils as it prolongs the torment of men -Friedrich Nietzsche-
    As the morning dawned cold and dark at around 7 in the morning, I got up and as usual, my mind was filled with the usual routine of my life. It then jumped (as usual) to think about something else, or someone else. Instead of feeling the same normal pang of injustice and a feeble sense of hope, I was filled with a feeling of hatred and hopelessness so strong, that it made me absolutely sick to the bone.
    The thoughts that rang out in my mind were "could this be? Has the day that I have been yearning for finally come?" and then I thought, of course IT HAS. Now I'm finally happy to say that life has moved on, your out of my mind (and hopefully, my life), I don't have to feel the constant pang of feebleness and every significant amount of feeling of hope... has extinguished... completely :) Most of all, I felt happy, I was finally a free woman, free from all the mindgames, free from the torment of waiting, free from being played and finally, free from all the endless, ceaseless, feeling that someday, things might change!

    I AM FREE!
    The sky's the limit for me now
    and Alleluia, freedom has never smelt so goooddd :D

    Freedom is a gift of the Gods.
    I absolutely love my life =D

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    "Hope - It can crush anyone." was Posted On: December 3, 2010 @Friday, December 03, 2010 | 0 lovely comments
    World AIDS Day 2010

    Happy World AIDS Day everyone!
    HIV/AIDS is not very widely discussed around here because of the social discrimination people have against this disease. Mostly this people don't ask for this, no one knows that they also face TONS of problems in daily life like family and friends who reject them for fear of getting this disease.
    Discrimination isn't going to help this problem get anywhere. The best thing is to accept this and help fight against it. As the famous saying goes "prevention is better than cure".
    I am just a girl, I can't really change the world, but the only thing I can do now is take heed, caution and listen to the many voices of worry and warnings.

    Take care and have a nice day
    Tennielle :)

    "World AIDS Day 2010" was Posted On: December 1, 2010 @Wednesday, December 01, 2010 | 0 lovely comments

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