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    It Goes On

    Whenever I feel sad... I stop being sad and start being awesome~ 
    A quote from Mr. Awesome himself, Barney Stinson =) 

    Don't know why I feel so sad. Okay, yeah, there's a reason but its too personal to put up here. Just feeling emo and sad...

    Just accept me for who I am... I am SO DONE trying to impress a person like you... My whole life isn't hell bent on caring for other peoples happiness but putting mine first. It may be selfish, but its the only thing that enables you to survive. You don't want to be like those stereotypical workaholic, coffee addict personal assistant who tries so hard to impress his boss and don't get appreciated. Metaphorically, if you are working then that position suits you but if your not... WTF are you doing?? Stand up and throw the crap back at those  *swear word* faces =D 

    Okay, back to normal already =) Why should I waste my time ranting and focusing my energy on those type of people anyway? Guess their not worth my time ^^ 

    I absolutely love that pic I got *borrowed* from some random fella's blog or Tumblr... I forgot, but it's nice =) I like the meaning of that message =) Guess what I did when I heard that I would be going for the Vocational Camp:

    Okay, in short, I was reeeaaalllllyyyy happy =D I so totally can't wait... Gonna stay up all night gossiping with my friends instead of lights out at 11 XD Just kidding.... But seriously =)

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    "It Goes On" was Posted On: May 29, 2011 @Sunday, May 29, 2011 | 0 lovely comments
    Don't Want An Ending

     Yup, school holidays are officially here... Two weeks of just doing work and cleaning up the house... Thats just so interesting isn't it? *note the sarcasm*
    Hari Guru came and pass and let me just say it in a really nice way... It didn't live up to last years one. Last year was the best and they just had to disrupt a well loved tradition didn't they? I mean 6 speeches in one day, no performances because of technical problems and a whole lotta other crap happening? Friday was just plain jinxed =P Yeah, but I will miss school in a way... That hollow yet welcoming feeling in your gut when you feel like your leaving someplace familiar... Someplace like home and I'm speaking as if I will never ever see school again. I wonder if that feeling will just intensify if I have to leave school for good =) The familiar routine will be missed for a while =)
    So, last night I celebrated the beginning of school holidays by watching Rio. Family friendly comedies somehow always seem to be my fave =D

    This movie is really inspirational. It talks about how the blue Macaw who can't fly ever since young and he was forced to learn how to tap into his bird instinct to learn how to fly. It kinda speaks to all of us too... We all should be able to think more with our hearts than with our mind in some situations. As Rapheal the Tucan said: "Flying is not what you learn up here *taps brain* but what you feel in here *touches his heart* amigo" =) Kinda like how we need to step out of our shell and learn to trust our own instincts =)

    Even though this song may seem a bit old (2005) but it still catches me:

    She's no you, oh no, you give me more than I could ever want, She's no you, oh no, I'm satisfied with the one I got =) Just thought bought this song when I saw Chris Brown's "She Ain't You" and thought, didn't Jesse McCartney have the same concept title for his song. Well, that said, I do prefer the latter XD

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    "Don't Want An Ending" was Posted On: May 28, 2011 @Saturday, May 28, 2011 | 0 lovely comments
    Yawning inducing serenity, good or bad?

    Today has been a killer day with NOTHING of absolute interest to do... Well at least you count getting all of your exam marks by this week before the holidays which, frankly, I don't cuz I don't have a chart of mathematical equations hanging in my room =S

    Nope, honestly I don't =)
    Tomorrow's gonna be Teachers Day and prob one of the boring-est in my schooling life history... Everybody's supposed to wear uniforms while watching futsal in the field, no jamuan and juz plain un-interesting =P

    Missed a certain someone but nevermind, get to spend time with them tomorrow... Hopefully =)
    Tomorrow, do not fail on me...

    Now, I am absolutely, lovesick with the song "Worldwide" by Big Time Rush 

    Heh, the lyrics say everything =)
    My fav line is "Yes, I may meet a million pretty girls, they know my name, but don't you worry, cuz you have my heart" and " Wherever the wind blows me, your still the one and only, girl on my mind" =)
    Romantic to the max this guys are =D

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    "Yawning inducing serenity, good or bad?" was Posted On: May 26, 2011 @Thursday, May 26, 2011 | 0 lovely comments
    Stuck+Oh Yeah= A Great Morning

      I was just surfing on the net, being bored for the sake of being bored but then thought what it would be like if I were to search for MORE BTR music videos... I mean, 'Boyfriend' was really nice but the video was just... so-so... A lil bit tacky... I'd rather a video showing the boys just being natural and singing and looking really hot... Like this vid:

    Stuck is officially one of my favourite BTR songs now =)
    Its talking bout how this guy really likes this girl and he wants to make her his but just kept getting stuck at what to say, which I find really adorable =)
    P.S: Logan at the start of the vid was so cute =3

    One more of their greatest songs:

    There's also 'Count On you' feat Jordin Sparks but I'm too lazy to upload it now XD

    Ugh, half of the time I think I was drunk when I was in love with Tokio hotel... like seriously, what was I thinking?  XP

    Seriously... can this:                               


    Be hotter than this

    I think not =P
    Ok, maybe their in a totally different league but at least some people can get my point =)

    Ending this post with a really cute pic:

    Haha, air kisses from Logan  =)

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    "Stuck+Oh Yeah= A Great Morning" was Posted On: May 22, 2011 @Sunday, May 22, 2011 | 0 lovely comments
    Gotta live it big time ;)

    I gotta crush... a huge crush.. on Big Time Rush none of the less =) Especially on the "genius" of the group, Logan Mitchell or a.k.a Logan Henderson... he is soo sweet =D

    One of his reallyy cute pics:

    Aww... He is seriously cute XD

    Oh yes, thats so true =)
    Exams are done and pretty much dusted (unless its marks time... bluekk). Can't wait to start partying =D
    Even though this past week has been really hectic, it has been a total dream... A thing like when- you- still can't -believe -its- real type of dream =D And its all thanks to you.

    This song is 24/7 stuck on my mind... its so catchy, one of the best summer songs out there =)
    One of my other fav songs:

    ~When I look into your eyes, its over,
    you got me hooked with your love controller,
    I'm trippin and I could not get over
    I feel lucky like a four leaf clover =)~


    "Gotta live it big time ;)" was Posted On: May 21, 2011 @Saturday, May 21, 2011 | 0 lovely comments
    Rebecca Black - Friday (Epic Edition)

    I don't mind that the lyrics are stupid but this version slays the original one:

    Her voice is like an angel plus she's really pretty =D
    BTW, the epic version actually builds up to something really weird at the end... xD

    Exams coming up... argh, I hate them (anyway, who likes them.. unless you have a really weird addiction to studying)

    First it was Sam Tsui and now it's Jervy Hou... his music is all really wonderful =D like this one:

    Something always brings me back to you,
    And it never takes too long...
    You loved me because I'm fragile, 
    When I thought that I was strong,
    But you touch me for a little while,
    And all my fragile strength is gone~

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    "Rebecca Black - Friday (Epic Edition)" was Posted On: May 7, 2011 @Saturday, May 07, 2011 | 0 lovely comments
    Reunited + Born This Way

    Woah, I can't actually believe I went for almost 3 months without you, my sweet bloggie =(
    But now I'm back and ready to write again =)

    This song probably speaks to a lot of people, I know because I can relate to it:

    ~I'm beautiful in my way, cuz God makes no mistakes... Baby, I was born this way =P

    The Glee Version is also kinda nice.. okay, a WHOLE lot of nice xD

    And also a whole lot understandable than the Gaga version :D

    Oh, that is so true ;)

    I'm not gonna lie, you got me and I don't care what the others say or how many of my offhand ideas may contradict... Mi amore vole fe yah (love needs faith) =D

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    "Reunited + Born This Way" was Posted On: May 2, 2011 @Monday, May 02, 2011 | 0 lovely comments

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