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    Mixed Reactions

    Yesterday, went to school (on a Saturday, yesh, I know, horrible) to get our PMR prize :)
    Camwhored with Joel, Sare and Swarley while waiting for our cue in the library;

    Pictures are sideways wtf because of some strange and unknown reason -____-

     Me and Joel :D

     Sare! :D

    Lmao, Swarley's "Swog" face :D

    I don't care if you say my photography sucks, its just the software doesn't allow for rotation :D

    Getting my certificate and money :)

    In case you don't know what "swog" is like me *katak di bawah tempurung*, here's the explanation:

    "My toilet paper si Gucci swag" LMAO.

    Went for shopping and spent like RM300++ just on clothes :O
    But anyway, I got the shopping spree I was after :D Mostly the most expensive ones were from Forever 21.

    Forever 21, y u so nais but expensive?!?!

    Pictures will be up later...

    Also, the mixed reaction happened. After coming back from an awesome shopping trip, I logged on to facebook. Then, guess what I saw. No, just try to guess. Okay, fine, don't.

    One of my schoolmates just passed away from an accident that caused him an internal head bleeding! After reding that I felt really sad and completely emotional after reading other peoples statuses about him :(

    R.I.P to Anshor, I hope you are happy where you are now and may God bless your soul. I regret that I didn't even have a chance to get to know you better. You must be an awesome guy to have so many people missing you. May you find happiness and peace in heaven.

    Picture courtesy from Ryan.
    Bet that school next day will be sombre and sad :(

    ;Don't bury your demons deep in the ground, oh when it all falls down, the only way is up, up, up.

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    "Mixed Reactions" was Posted On: February 26, 2012 @Sunday, February 26, 2012 | 0 lovely comments
    Yummy till drool

    I know the weekend was like, last weekend, but I just wanna blog about this awesome restaurant called Hai Boey that you should deff try cause it is so awesome, until you have to book 2 days in advance because that place is like freaking full all the time. :X

     The prawns :D

     Tofu with mince meat.

    And now are you ready to see the star dish of the night?!
    Pumpkin coated crabs which are so awesome ikfjhfuhidhfri :O So freaking delicious :D

    Well, thats all the food updates :D

    P.S: Sorry if my blog is acting like really weird cause I "accidently" switched it to the classic template and there was a huge scare for me that I couldn't revert it back so thats why the links, creditorials, and fave stories sections are still not up yet :X it will be up hopefully by tomorrow :)

    ;I'm feeling better than I've ever been, impossible don't exist.


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    "Yummy till drool" was Posted On: February 23, 2012 @Thursday, February 23, 2012 | 0 lovely comments
    New Season of Lent :)

    First of all, I would like to say;

    Hope that all the Catholics have a Happy Ash Wednesday!

    And for those who don't celebrate this, hope you had a nice Wednesday :3

    Went for church this now and had a nice mass :D
    Though not gonna do much for Lent cause last year already fasted and everything.
    Plus it was pretty tough to be strict with yourself but I made it through and don't wanna do it again this year :/
    Hopefully I'll have the will to do this next year :D
    What I wore to the mass:

     Top: Voir 
    Jeans: Toms Girls.

    I was attempting to capture a picture of the ash cross on my head but couldn't cause it was nearly faded of :X

    Well, hope everyone had a nice day today and for those of you who are fasting for this Lent, I wish you the best and may you have a awesome spiritual journey with Him :) 

    ;You'll be alright, no one can hurt you now, Come morning light, you and I'll be safe and sound.

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    "New Season of Lent :)" was Posted On: February 22, 2012 @Wednesday, February 22, 2012 | 0 lovely comments
    Le Foreveraloness

    Rant alert!

     I'm just gonna start here by saying that I'm a hypocrite :O
    Why I'm saying this is because in a previous post about Valentines day where I said it's alright to be foreveralone on Valentines... Well, I think I'm taking it back, being alone is not fun for me anymore :/

    "But I thought you said that being alone is okay?"
    "I take it back."

    I think I know the reason why I've been so unlucky with the matters of the heart, it's because since I've already have whatever I want then maybe God decided that it was fun to take away my luck in love.

    So I have made a conclusion that the universe runs on the concept that you should give to the less fortunate and I guess He decided that I already have everything I've wanted and gave the all the luck of my love life to SOMEONE ELSE.

    Err, maybe that's all there is too it. I already have everything I've ever wanted that God decided to let me meet and fall in love with tons of  douchebags first before I actually find someone actually WORTH IT.

    No wonder my love life is so dramatic and lifeless sometimes and it also doesn't help that think that all this asses think that giving me only half of their efforts, time, and love is actually only the most that I DESERVE.

    But then

    I thought, decided and concluded that I really deserve better though, that I'm sure of :)

    No emoness la, just an epihany :X

    ;It feels like music sounds better with you, it feels like, everything feels better with you.

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    "Le Foreveraloness" was Posted On: February 21, 2012 @Tuesday, February 21, 2012 | 0 lovely comments
    Hiatus-ing away!

    Exams are about 3 more weeks away so I wouldn't be updating daily anymore :/ well, I still will have time but only once a week or the most 3 :( Let's not think about all the less than happy things but just concentrate on the happier ones....

     I finally learned how to smize!! (Smiling with eyes) :D :D
    My twin sister :P

    Got a Taeyang badge which I ordered from Nabs, so totally cool. Everyone's also starting to call me Tenny-yang #swoonsanddies.
    Well, thats it for this post of talking about not posting and posting at the same time :D

    And I think I just got semi-proposed today o.o

    ;Can we finish what we started, don't you leave me brokenhearted tonight.


    "Hiatus-ing away!" was Posted On: February 17, 2012 @Friday, February 17, 2012 | 0 lovely comments
    Happy Valentines Day!

     Gonna start of this post by saying Happy Valentines Day! or for you less enthusiastic people, happy Tuesday! :D So I know Valentines was just yesterday and I forgot to blog about it (came back from Queensbay at about 10, heh) so I'll be blogging bout mine today :D

    Went to  Azuma for dinner, thank God dad made a reservation cause that place was super full of couples and families :O

    Bouquet from my dad to my mum. LOL, dad asked me to carry it so went we entered Azuma, everyone was ooh-ing and ahh-ing and staring at me. Me likey attention.

    The chandelier... First question asking my dad about the booth where we were sitting "Why is it so intimate??" Crazy-ness.

     Camwhoring with the bouquet.

     Outside of Azuma.

     Sis emo pic. Quote from her "I stare as the world lives on without me".

     Camwhoring with mum while waiting for the food to arrive.

     Japanese rice wine :O

     Unagi salad :D

     Sashimi soup and California roll.

     The awesome California roll.

     Was brave enough to try the raw salmon wrap on the far left (first one) and it turned out so good :O

     Salmon sushi.

    Later went to Kiwi Berry for some frozen yogurt. Was craving for frozen yogurt for almost one week :D

     Then later bought this awesome phone cover from a kiosk that was like RM13.90 :O

    Looks so vintage :D and is reminiscent of

    Champouf phone cover by Liz Lisa! :D A total steal (kinda) so I had to buy it :D

    So that's it for my Valentines Day, had a superb one celebrating it. Farah gave us a each a cake as a gesture of wuvv and I wrote Joel a friendship appreciation card (school had this sale where we could write a letter to our "Valentine" and keep it anonymous or even write our names so as usual, there was a ton of pranks all around LOL). Sarah was my Valentine, random guy friend asked me to be his Valentine where we just wished each other (really random right? :O) Overall, it's awesome when you have friends and family to celebrate it with :D

    A day of love to celebrate all kinds of love <3

    ;This is the part of me, that your never ever gonna take away from me.

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    "Happy Valentines Day!" was Posted On: February 15, 2012 @Wednesday, February 15, 2012 | 0 lovely comments
    Temporarily not alone

    Can't wait for Valentines Day :)

    Because I'm not foreveralone this Valentine LOL :D 

    Was trying to smile with my eyes, hope it worked out #failed. 

    Sucks that its on a weekday though :/

    ;Give me a chance to love you, I'll tell you the reason why, Cause you are on my mind <3

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    "Temporarily not alone" was Posted On: February 13, 2012 @Monday, February 13, 2012 | 0 lovely comments
    R.I.P Whitney Houston.

     In case you haven't heard, Whitney Houston was pronounced dead today at the age of 48. Her music was a legacy and she managed to owe an entire decade to herself, that's proof of  how influential she was. I can't believe that another one of musics' greats is gone, I hope that wherever you are Whitney Houston, that you're happy and free of all of your worries.

    R.I.P, you will be missed.

    ;Didn't we almost had it all, when love was all we had worth giving?

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    "R.I.P Whitney Houston." was Posted On: February 12, 2012 @Sunday, February 12, 2012 | 0 lovely comments
    Baskin robbins FTW.

    Ah, Baskin Robbins, my old friend, I shall write about that later :D First for the weekends updates;

       Studying Chemistry D: Leme Leme <3 

    Camho pic before going out :D

    Went for dinner in PlusTwo, highly recommend it for those who like cheap yet delicious Chinese food (I know I did ;D)
    Later, Baskin Robbins!! :D

    Took the flavour of the month, Blondie Bombshell and Gold Medal Ribbon :D

    Lmao, I got my sis interested in camho-ing :D

    Took this with my Ray's front camera, didn't know it would turn out so grainy... Must be the lighting #itriedmybest.

    Later went and walked down the fats in Tesco and visited all the gift shops :) Had a convo with Joel and he asked me why was there music in the background, told him I was in Tesco right in front of his house, he was like "really?" and went to open his balcony gate. LOL, then he was like "I think I can see you from here, I meant Tesco" and I replied "yeah, yell out if you see me, I bet I can hear" wtf. Funny convo LOL.

    Couldn't miss an opportunity to camwhore :D

    Pass by this store selling DIY miniature rooms.

    So cuteee :D

    ;Just own the night like the 4th of July, cause baby your a firework.

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    "Baskin robbins FTW." was Posted @Sunday, February 12, 2012 | 0 lovely comments

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