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    Things in my vanity (September 2012)

    On to the second installation of 'Things in my vanity' for this Spetember, here's a list of things I've got and just love so much:

    1) Silkygirl Precision Liquid Eyeliner

    I like this eyeliner because it doesn't smudge easily and goes on smoothly :)

    The reason why I got this eyeliner was that my previous Maybelline eyeliner's cap fell out and it being a liquid eyeliner, completely dried up and I didn't know how to fix it :(
    So I got Silkygirl instead :D

    2) Mood Ring from Australia

    *sorry for the background, it was washing day xD

    This mood ring is honestly my fave jewellery that I use now because it's just too cute :D 
    Got it in Paradise Country in gold Coast.
    Although it's a few sizes too small for my finger :(

    3) "Wonderstruck" by Taylor Swift

    This is honestly my fave purchase for September cause I'm a fan of Taylor Swift and it was a must that I got her perfume. I've wanted it for almost a year already :O

    True to Taylor's word, "Wonderstruck" smells magical and has a fruity yet mysterious feel to it. It kinda reminds me of eating gingerbread cookies and that feeling when I have a crush on someone and my heart skips a beat when he smiles at me. More like warm and captivating :)

    Maybe it's just me, I don't know about anyone else who has an interpretation of this perfume, but as they say, fragrance is a personal thing :D

    ;I got some money in my pocket and I wanna go shopping.

    I'm free, I just spend all my money, gonna rock that like it don't cost a thing ♥ 

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    Gold Coast, mate! (Part 4)

    For the fourth day in gold Coast, we went for a few awesome tourist attractions like;

    1) Catch A Crab Cruise

    The cruise boat :D

    Personally, this is also one of my favorite Gold Coast activity besides Paradise Country because it was so relaxing and at the same time totally new and unexpected. Everything in Gold Coast is new and unexpected.

    The whole family :)

    View from when the cruise was leaving the shore. That's where we were all gonna eat our lunch :D 

    The ride in the lake was so awesome I felt as if I was floating in Greece or something because of the smell of salt, the blue water and all the houses situated on hillsides.

    Interior of the cruise.

    Passed by an oyster farm :O

    Literally camhoed on the cruise itself and my phone nearly fell into the lake. Again. Fml, I think Australia hates my phone xD

    One of my fave panorama views. It's so stunningly beautiful that when I first saw it, my breath literally got knocked out of me. Like literally.

    Then, we had an on cruise activity which was yabbie pumping. Yabbie's are like one-huge-claw kinda prawns which live in mud holes and have to be pumped out from underneath to find them.

    Wtf, even Australia's water is freaking beautiful! All clear, cool and clean you could just drink from it and not die unlike our Malaysian waters --

    We went during the low tide so hence the seagulls walking on the shore.

    And did I mention it was windy as hell?! I couldn't even keep my hair out my mouth for less than 10 seconds xD

    Overall of the yabbies home.

    The sieve we use to sift through the mud and find the yabbies :P

    Close up of the mud in the river. We were all literally knee deep in MUD. Like what? It was awesome anyway, my legs felt so smooth after that like it was magic mud or something :O

    Yabbies in a cup. I know, I know, they look like worms don't they xP

    I somehow find this pic kinda artistic, LOL.

    This is how a yabbie looks like, all big claw and small head and all.

    After like 20 minutes all of us were asked to get back on boat for the next activity which was crab catching :D 

    The yabbies up close. Sorry, I just can't stop yapping bout them yabbies :P

    Love the new view from the boat when they took us to a more mangrove-y swamp area to find our crabs.

    So basically, we don't really catch the crabs cause.... It's already been pre-caught for us! We just had to wait until our table number came up to go crab our cage full of crabs.

    Table 2's (our table) catch :P The poor crabby fella was looking at me like, "please don't eat me". I almost didn't want to. Almost.

    Self shot with the awesome scenery (I apologize for my really fat face)

    Before we had to go back to shore to eat our crabs, we had 2 more activities which were a talk about crabs and fishing :D Yes, I held a fishing rod for the first time. Be jelly, be very jelly.

    The coordinator (I think that's what you call people who help you with activities) showing us a male crab (huge one) and a female one (small one) and telling us bout their habitat, habits, time of mating and etc.

    Picture time with the huge crabs that are still alive!!

    Nah, I'm just kidding.

    Naw, I'm just kidding about kidding.

    The familia with a huge (female :O) crab.

    Dad fishing :D 

    Fishing really was awesome, even though I didn't catch anything.

    Here comes the time that I've been waiting for!!!!!! 


    Our lunch for today :) 

    Two different types of crab, fish & chips, calamari, salad and.... An oyster :O
    The oyster was.... So damn good it left me speechless wtf. But maybe cause it was my first time tasting it. Mum was like, it's just borderline good and I was like "are you kidding me?! This is the best ever". Well, everything in Australia is the best ever. 
    Even the scavenger birds are high class.

    Finally manage to get a panorama shot of the cruise and the scenery without anyone interrupting my photography time "*smirks*

    In no time at all, we were suppose to leave and go for Mount Nathan Winery.

    Last shot of the sky and place from the bus.

    Before we set of to Mount Nathan Winery, all of us stopped bu Point Danger Lookout and was given 10 minutes to snap all the pictures!

    It's so pretty I can't even....

    And that's their original sea color. No edits, no brushing up on my pics, nothing. Just plain au naturale beauty :)

    Panorama view of the sea and surroundings :) 

    I still get goosebumps staring at this pic :O

    Gotta be my fave photo from here because of the angle and sea view :D 

    While I was oohing and ahhing over the sea, mum was distracted by ice-cream :P
    Nestle Peters Ice Cream in Honeycomb and choc :O 
    tasted so awesome but too bad it;s not even in Malaysia.

    And to get it you had to take a boat to Australia and buy it there and bring it back to Malaysia like my grandpa's friend used to do to bring him and my mum back this ice cream :3

    One last pic of my camwhoring with the sea in the background :D

    A wishing fountain. And it's chained to keep people from stealing money from the fountain --

    Had to go to the public toilet before our long drive and lookie what I found :P

    It's funny that in Australia they don't have water pipes in toilet cubicles for washing but they can have.....
    A box to put your "contaminated" syringes in after having shooting drugs in yourself. 
    Looked inside the box to find 10 or more syringes.

    I was like, "wow, I guess that's score 1 for M'sia then".

    Made our way to Mount Nathan Winery;

    Wine bottles :D

    Had a tour of the outside for a little while :D

    Sheep and their own honeybees out in their backyard :O 
    How awesome :D

    Cousin of a Llama scratching it's butt --

    Was walking and listening to the Chinese guide droning all along in Mandarin (we co-joined a Chinese tour) when I spotted this big, beautiful, 8 inch rose :O
    It was almost as big as my face :O

    The angle doesn't really show it, but the rose is actually three quarters of my face :O

    Sis and our newly made friends from the same tour feeding sheep :D

    I somehow like this pic cause it looks so tumblr-ish :O 

    Took it myself of course ;)

    Me and the surroundings.

    I then found out, much to my dismay, that kids below the age of 18 can't drink/possess alcohol if not, law enforces will be taken to those who distributed the drink.

    So my parents had wine tasting while I drank coffee and tasted unprocessed honey.

    Come to think of it, it was kinda fair o.o

    The bar for taking tourist photos and having your face stuck on wine bottles as souvenirs. 

    The whole family had it done but when we went home, custom at the airport said we weren't allowed to bring it in flight cause there was alcohol in it and we threw it away T.T

    Sis and the 2 kids. Aren't they cute?! :O

    When I was looking glum taking care of the kids, one of the tour agent took pity on me and asked me to try some unprocessed honey from the farm and that's when the kids came along too to try it.

    It was awesome.

    Le honey :D

    The last stop of our tour was an Abalone factory where we get to go abalone tasting.

    And it sucked.

    First of all, everyone was yammering in Mandarin and since I don't know Mandarin that well, I was like, "wtf is this guy saying?!".
    For goodness sake, we didn't even know we joined a Mandarin tour! 

    Dried abalone and all abalone galoreness. 

    Still an experience nevertheless.

    For dinner, we all ate at Hogs Breath Cafe for first time to try their prime steak cause they said it was the best in the world. I agree, it was good :D

    Ze menu :D

    Mummy and me :D

    My steak burger and dad's prime steak in the back.

    Sis's steak with avocado topping :D 
    Hers was awesome too :D

    Fried mushrooms :D

    Mum enjoying her vegetable soup with beef.
    It was smoking awesome :D
    Honestly, that was the best steak I have ever had. Much more tender and lovely than TGI Friday :O

    Ended our night eating four scoop serving of Copenhagen ice cream again :)

    The last day was spent going back to Malaysia and living our normal non Australian lives again. *sigh* I didn't want to go T.T

    Our suitcases all packed at 4 in the morning leh :O

    Dad and sis looking lala :P

    Had The Food Designers breakfast box for.. Breakfast at the airport and I was like, mhm, this is classy!

    Contents :)

    This Australians are so smart on conserving their energy that they make items to help them with hard work. Wow, I envy them :(

    Cloud kingdom on the way back to Kuala Lumpur :)

    Also, the best part of this trip was buying Taylor Swift's "Wonderstruck" perfume from KLIA :D

    Gosh, I miss Gold Coast and Australia already that I think I can cry :/

    I'll be back soon though. This I promise :)

    ;I don't know what I'm doing here, How I landed in this space, But it's a good place.

    You find it, you hold it, You feel its grace 

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    "Gold Coast, mate! (Part 4)" was Posted On: September 12, 2012 @Wednesday, September 12, 2012 | 0 lovely comments

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