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    Best mothereffing school trip ever

    Disclaimer: This post might deduce the need for the reader to hit the blogger for over-using the word "awesome"

    So, last Saturday (1/11) BJ on Air had a school trip down to Kuala Lumpur and it was awesome as shiz. Literally.

    We were there for 2 whole days, and mostly, we all just did shopping and yeah, lots of bonds, memories and new friends were made :)

    We left at around 9.00?

    Pic of me waiting in the bus.

    Then we arrived and had to wait for housekeeping to finish so while that happened, we camwhored, as usual :P

     Dynasty Hotel has so much mirrors ._.

    Mai, me, Kaysha and Cat :D

    Whole group pic :D 

    Went up to our rooms and to our horror, our room number was 13. On floor 13. That was nonexistent. Until we discovered we had o take another lift to get to floor 13. Me and Farah (roomie) were getting a lil queasy when they mentioned that and what's more, there were no towels in the room. We even called housekeeping twice but they just kept procrastinating it. 

    Moving on, we dressed up (cause we were smelly and stinky from the trip here) to go on our first destination: KLCC. For shopping! 

    Me and Farah :)

    Hanged out with the form 2 gang and a few form 4's during our time there :)

    First stop, Tutti Frutti :D
    Pic credit to Zetty :D 

    All of us hanging out at Tutti Fruitti :D

    Went for dinner at the food court. 

    Me and Zetty :D 

    All the girls bonding :)

    My dinner :) Their meatballs could seriosuly rival Ikea's :O

    Went to Starbucks with some of the Form 2 gang to satisfy some cravings :D
    That sounded wrong.
    To quench our hunger.
    That just made it worse ._.

    Chocolate cream chip and red velvet cake, my absolute cake. Now you know what to buy to make the happiest girl alive :P

    Shopped until we literally dropped some more I walked in KLCC wearing high heels lor! All the KL-ites who past by me all stared at my feet first. Yup, bish please, I was born as a New York-ian, wearing high heels is like Converse for us. 
    Or maybe they were just laughing at me. 

    All of us looking forlorn, tired and sleepy :3

    Crashed the Form 2 gang's room for a PJ party and it was epic-er than epic :D I was laughing so much my tummy hurt. Yup, everything was darn funny :D 

    Woke up in the morning to iron our uniforms for Hot FM.

    Enjoying coffee, red velvet cake and watching the sunrise rising over the KL horizon. Best moment ever.

    In the lobby

    At Media Prima. Too bad I couldn't see Ben from Flyfm there (my fave DJ)

    The teachers with 2 DJ's from Hot FM.

    For lunch we stopped at the Curve and then, it was back to Penang. 

    Blouse from Miss Whatever and candy malt balls from Candylicious.

    Photos by me, some taken (with permission) from Shannon and the group pic taken from Zulaiqa cause I was too busy to ask her for the pic. Well, I did have a camp :P Which I will also blog about soon ;)

    ;Let's go crazy, crazy till we see sun, I know we only met but let's pretend its love

    Tonight lets get some, and leave while we're young ♥

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